Monday, November 23, 2015


I'm supposed to be writing a counseling paper right now while I am skipping class because it's a few weeks away from the end of semester, I'm getting more and more hours at work, and somehow I'm supposed to complete this pile of culminating assignments. I have no idea how any of these things are going to happen but I'm just taking it one assignment at a time and right now that means working on this counseling paper and drinking this Red Bull and procrastinating (I am a master of procrastination).

Look at that, I just checked twitter and killed ten minutes. A master of procrastination.

I was telling someone at work that I was almost finished school and how these couple of weeks are crazy. Then I said how I was almost done and I would never have to do it again. Then I remembered that I am currently applying for a "credentialing program" and I have to take another four classes online in the next two years so that whole thing about not having to do school again was a lie.

I know that things will be better when this semester is over. My four courses and slower and easier than my current schedule and they will happen when my schedule at Starbucks lightens up so I'm not worried, but my statement does indicate how desperate I am to stop going to school. I really don't want to be there anymore and yet I am trapped. Such is life right now.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Video Games: Who knew?

It's an cycle that often repeats itself, the one where I quit writing. Things become busy, I stop writing here, then I go back and realize that I don't know how to string sentences together properly anymore and suddenly the depth of my insights doesn't seem so important anymore. It just becomes about writing. So write I will. I will write once more. Whether it's read is not important. What's important is whether it's wrote.

All the time I am reading articles by feminists who are angry. They're usually right. Women have gone through so much. People of colour go through so much. White men don't go through very much. I think that's what they're angry about. They're angry about privilege which is fair. I too get mad when I see people get things they didn't really do anything to acquire. However none of this is my point so if this summary seems a little crappy, then just move on to the next part.

I think the outcome that some people I read are looking for is for white men to stop talking or at least stop using their voices to reinforce the privileges they already have. At times I ask myself "that seems kind of boring. What am I going to do if I have to stop speaking?" I have found the answer. The answer is video games.

I think that video games provide a wonderful distraction for white men like myself who feel an urge to take advantage of their privilege and need some sort of harmless outlet for it. Instead of getting angry about how there is nowhere left for me to explore, I can open up Skyrim and explore a vast fantasy wonderland. Instead of being filled with nervous energy about how there are no noble causes to contribute, I can go ahead and fight the minions of darkness every night in Destiny. Instead of being bitter about the lack of home improvement I can do in a rental unit that we are going to lose in a few months, I can work on my latest project and list of objectives in Diablo 3.

Video games give white men looking for something to keep themselves occupied so they don't say anything something to do. The give worlds to explore, causes to fight for, and tasks to complete. I think if you were looking for a way to check privilege, just throw some Best Buy gift cards at the nearest white man and watch as he wastes the next few months working his way through the entire Elder Scrolls series. Video games: Who knew?