Saturday, December 29, 2007


I've been trying to keep this blog mostly on the topic of being a musician in an unknown local band and attempting to work my way to the point where we make enough money as a band to eat but I have realized that there are other things that I want to write about that have to do with being an artist who's discovering his creative potential and some other stuff so I may begin to deviate a little bit from band comments but I will keep it music related none the less.

I was at work today thinking (I have obscene amounts of time at work to think because my job doesn't require a lot of thinking so I fill my head with other things). So as I was thinking I got thinking about this book that I read in grade one. The name of it escaped me while I was thinking about it but I looked it up just now and it's called "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day". So this book is about this kid named Alexander who has a day where everything goes wrong for him and he keeps repeating "I should move to Australia".

Now the reason I was thinking about this book was because my Grade One teacher Mrs. Vandermeer asked us to write a letter to the main character after we had finished the book. I'm sure the other kids in my class came up with some standard first grade responses or something but that's not important. The thing was that there was all this stuff in the book that I could of wrote about like....I could have given him a pep-talk or told him about Jesus or something amazing but I didn't. In fact the only thing I ever wrote for that assignment was "don't move to Australia or coconuts will fall on your head".

I look back on this now and think "man...what a waste. I could have written some amazing analytical piece on the tragedy of Alexander impressing my teacher and solidifying my place as a future author or something". But as I was thinking today I realized that reading that writing that letter was just a step on my way to becoming the writer that I am today. It was another thing that got me towards being the articulate organized article/essay writer that I am today.

So you're probably wondering why I've spent three paragraphs rambling on about this. It has to do with something else I've been doing lately; writing music. You early attempts at music writing have been pretty simplistic and I look back at them and see so much squandered potential and wonder why I didn't put more effort. I look at old lyric lists with titles like "Quiet night in Moncton" and wonder why I never finished off the half written poetry of it.

But it all comes back to the kids book. My early attempts have taught me things that have helped me to write better music and have motivated me to work harder and I can always go back and work at them some more and hopefully make something wonderful out of them.'s to artistic growth and "Alexander? Don't move to Australia or coconuts will fall on your head" and you will get skin cancer because of the hole in the ozone layer

Friday, December 14, 2007

High Responsibilities and Hiatus

Such a long time since the last update, much has happened. We played a show with a band called Cain and Abel who I now have a lot of respect for. They played a sweet show and even though our set wasn't that big we enjoyed sticking around for their show. We also played a benefit concert this past Friday which played host to our biggest audience so far. It was funny because we ended up playing our slowest song (papercut) just because I wanted people to all walk away and act disinterested and start talking and we would just be up there playing for ourselves which is exactly what happened.

This Monday we're playing our last show before going on a short hiatus. The show is going to be a very intimate house party in my basement with lots of friends and cookies and stuff, and tt will be good. However, we are going on hiatus which feels a bit weird considering that we're not even a year old yet as a band but the craziness of life has gotten in the way of doing the kinds of things we want to do. I got a Mcjob working as a dishwasher in Kingston and I've been putting in crazy hours since starting that which has gotten in the way of band practice and shows and stuff so that was causing some tension. And then Owen started basketball season and then it just got too difficult to organize schedules so we're taking some time off from shows to write songs and rehearse and prepare our album which should be excellent.

But first we're playing our last hurrah and recording it so we have a solid live recording and it will be great and I'll just have to hope that the great times continue on.

Another thing has been bugging me as of late. I really really want to tour more than anything else in the world right now. I want it so bad that I was lying in bed last night just praying for a touring opportunity to drop into my lap. I know that sounds desperate but really...that would be something I could cross off on my list of things to do in life and it would be something I could have stories about....forever. But right now it's just a dream so I'll keep praying and in the meantime we'll keep getting better until our time comes.