Monday, November 16, 2009

About Last Night

As I write this entry, it's 1:34 AM. Amanda is parked on the couch having a brief nap. We're pulling an all-nighter in an attempt to finish an essay and a lab report for tomorrow. The harsh reality of real life is biting down on me and I wish I could hold onto the beauty of a good Saturday.

The show was great. There were some major organizational difficulties (I'm sorry but boo on the Artel in Kingston for offering up a venue and then being a general pain in the ass every step of the way there-after), but the music was great. A band of really excited Grade 12's from Kingston area schools opened for us, reminding me of those days, especially the shows with Joe and Owen in the old days of O nO! when it felt like we could have taken over the world with our music.

I ended up working the door due to the aforementioned organizational difficulties (although The Artel was kind enough to provide me with a cup to place the admission money in). It was a little strange seeing old friends and then immediately asking them for money but it was an interesting experience. I've never been able to greet everyone at show due to their crazy nature. This time was different and it was nice.

Silver Speakers (a band on the Graven Records label which O nO! was once a part of) played a great set with Matt on drums, and other than the fact that one of the owners/residents/workers/whatevers at the Artel informed us that the cops might fine us if we were two loud, it was a solid set.

When Graven took the stage, we played some acoustic stuff to start with and it was great. It all seemed to flow together, Matt's easy going tales about how some of the tracks were written made it easy to sit and enjoy the tunes. A highlight for me was hear him tell about the writing of a song called "Last Train to Leamington" and then the playing of it. It was a magical moment.

Then came our electric set where we rocked it out in a very subdued manner to avoid the fine of the Kingston police. It was good none the less though and we left the evening in a wall of feedback, overdrive, and distortion. All in all, it was a really great evening and one I'll remember for a while.

Friday, November 6, 2009

That Show...

It's back on. Please come, it'll be a sweet time.

Monday, November 2, 2009

About the Post Below

The show may possibly be cancelled due to the poor organization of Kingston venues. I'll keep you updated.

This Used to be a music blog

Once upon a time I started this blog as a place to report on my musical endeavors. Somewhere along the way I just started writing about whatever. Every now and then I remember that it's technically a music blog. So here's some music related news.

A buddy of mine who I met at camp name Matt McKechnie ( writes songs under the name of "Graven". He plays with a band sometimes, and he plays by himself sometimes but he's always playing something. Recently he asked myself, talented guitarist Brendan Lorrimer (whom I used to live with), and GravenRecords label mate Tyrone Warner to play a show with him in Kingston featuring some new songs he's written, a few covers, and some old favourites. Naturally I was honoured to be given the opportunity to play with Matt, so I accepted. I've been spending the last week preparing for the show on and off by listening to the songs he's interested in playing and working on learning them, and I'm getting really excited about playing. I haven't played a live show since the O nO! days a long time ago and so I'm stoked about this concert.

The show's on November 14th at The Artel in Kingston if you're interested in coming. I'll keep you posted until then.