Saturday, November 27, 2010

Home Stretch

It feels like all I talk about here now is school. I do this because I write about what I happen to be experiencing at the time, and right now what I am experiencing is a large amount of school-related stress. The good news is we're nearly done. I've got 5 more days of classes and a grand total of 21 days until my last exam.

It's times like this when I like to reflect on what's gone wrong so far this year. Here are some lessons I've learned.

1) Keeping up with readings when you're a science student is a silly idea. You will never have enough time to keep up. Just pay attention in class.

2) Visiting your professor is a great way to get help. They tend to know the answers to your questions (surprise) because that's what they get payed to do.

3) Despite all of your best intentions, it's pretty much impossible to start the next assignment before the previous one is finished. Your best bet is to finish each assignment as quickly as possible so you can move on to the next one instead of trying to juggle two simultaneously.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Too Much

You know how normally you don't spend a lot of time thinking about your existence and things of that nature? I've been thinking a lot about existence lately. I haven't been thinking anything specific, but when I'm sitting in front of my computer at 3 AM for the third night in a row, I catch myself thinking "I exist!" a lot. It's a little strange.

In other news I'm starting to lose my grip on linear time. I have no concept of what day it is, I only understand how much time I have left to finish my projects, and that I'm close to the end. It feels like I'm not a real person anymore. Only a week and a half more of this.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I've decided that this semester has been hard enough that it may warrant a cigar and a glass of scotch to celebrate its end.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I can divide my days into one of two categories; days when smoking seems like the most disgusting thing in the world, and days when I could really go for a cigarette.

Friday, November 12, 2010

"Sweet Times"-Friday

12:25 PM- Well, after an hour and a half review session last night, I went home and promptly did nothing. I awoke this morning, also did nothing, then went off to write my exam. It went amazingly well(6/6). Sometimes I leave and exam feeling like I've just done terribly, but this time I actually knew most of the material on the exam and felt like I was able to give decent answers. The only problem was I completely missed the first question, but it was only worth 3 marks so I don't think it will hurt me too much. Thus, "sweet times" are now offically over meaning that I can get back to normal school life. I hope you enjoyed this brief forray into the life of a stressed undergraduate.

"Sweet Times": Thursday

10:45 AM - Spent some time going over stats last night but not much. This week is taking its toll on my focus. Went to bed at 11:30, woke up at 8 AM ready to study. Have been preparing on and off all morning. Now I'm off to the bus for class, then exam, then class. Only 2 more exams to go.

5:00 PM While in the middle of my midterm(5/6), I experienced a "blank out" for the first time. I completely forgot a simple piece of information that prevented me from answering a couple of questions. This means I went from being well prepared to possibly failing. It's not a huge deal because I'm already doing pretty good in statistics but it was very frustrating. Now off to a review session before my ecology midterm tomorrow. Will probably get home around 10.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Sweet Times": Wednesday

6:00 PM-I managed to attend all my classes today. This is a rarity during "Sweet times" so I'm glad I was able to pull it off. I discovered there was a quiz in Cell biology which we did (3/6) in class and marked. I'm pretty sure I did terrible but I'm also pretty sure that it won't count for me.
Now I'm back at home and am going to crack into some statistics in preparation for my midterm tomorrow. It shouldn't be too hard due to my teacher's excellent policy of setting assignments every 2 weeks which requires that I actually keep up with the material. So I'm going back over the last two assignments and then I should be all good to go.
I will most likely get a normal amount of sleep tonight which is absolutely awesome in my opinion. I almost fell asleep in Cell Bio today just because we were waiting for people to finish the quiz and doing nothing....I need stimulation to stay awake.

"Sweet Times": Tuesday

4:00PM-After missing all but one class for the day, I head home to study for Linear Algebra. I don't have time to figure out one topic but feel relatively prepared. Taking some advice from my girlfriend's cognitive psychology course I take a nap to help me retain the information.

8:00 PM- I am finished the exam (3/5) and head over to "The Sports" for turkey dinner and to watch the Leafs game. The one topic I wasn't able to figure out was an entire 8 mark question on the exam. Other than that though things went well. I will sleep early tonight and prepare for Thursday's Statistics midterm for most of tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"Sweet Times": Monday

In a fit of deeply tired inspiration, I decided to log the madness of this week here for all of you to see. This week is notable for containing four midterms and an assignment within a five day stretch. This is affectionately known as "Sweet Times" by myself. Here for your reading enjoyment is my record of "Sweet Times"

1:20 AM-Been at work for most of this evening. Attempting to finish an ecology assignment so that I can get to studying for the two midterms I have on Monday and Tuesday. Thus far I've consumed 2 cups of coffee and a bottle of Coca Cola. I'm currently in the library but it closes in 25 minutes so my girlfriend and I will be leaving soon. At that point I'll be going back to my room to quietly finish up before getting a little bit of sleep for tomorrow. If I am lucky, I will sleep for 6 hours tonight. This is highly unlikely though.

5:00 PM-After going to bed at 4 AM and waking up at 8:15 AM, I managed to finish my Ecology assignment. I also managed to do a little bit of studying for my animal Physiology midterm before crashing. Awoke to a call from my parents inviting me to breakfast. On the way to breakfast I dropped of my paper (1/5). Went to 2 hours of class, followed by the animal physiology midterm which took me half an hour to write (2/5). It went surprisingly well for being really tired. Now I'm home for a little bit before I head out to study for my linear algebra midterm tomorrow which I'm not prepared at all for.

9:00 PM-I have finally arrived at the library. I now have exactly 19 hours before my Linear Algebra midterm tomorrow at six. I made up a set of problems from some that we've been given and I'm going to try and finish as many of them as possible tonight.