Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Wednesday Evening Post

When I write a blog post, I have to click on this little link. When I click on the link, there's a graph next to it that shows my traffic over the last few weeks. I know it's been a little while when I can't see the spike that usually accompanies a new post.

So I feel obligated to write, but things are so busy these days that there is not much time to think about what to write. I wake up, I head to the gym to play music, I go back up to the dining hall to be available, I eat lunch, I take a nap, I watch the kids play the game, I put staff to bed, and then I crash into my own bunk before repeating the process the next day. There's not a whole lot of variation or space at the moment. I'm starting to regret my choice to not take any time off, but the money from work is needed for school, and my schedule come September is currently so lax that I know I can rest more thoroughly once summer is done.

It's amazing how much things heat up once you hit the hot month of July.