Thursday, December 20, 2012

Try Harder

My friend Kevin posted this link online.

Ok so Kevin and I aren't friends, but we're Facebook friends and we had a real conversation once so I choose to refer to him as that. Hopefully he doesn't track this down later and get creeped out. Kevin if you're reading this I think you're a really great person. But this isn't really about you, it's about this article.

So while I was writing that you went and read the article right? Here's the short version. The world generates a value for you that is based on what you can do for other people, whether it's making money or providing services for people or loving your wife/girlfriend/fiancee/partner/whatever. You loathe yourself when you don't produce anything because you recognize this value, and there's no way to show it except doing things. You will struggle immensely with this though because you will want to avoid changing and doing things. Therefore put on your big boy pants and get down to the business of fighting with your reactionary nature that doesn't want to change so that you can get some real good stuff done.

The guy is an excellent writer and he uses some excellent examples. I will never look at a man with a jackknife the same way again. This article inspired me and makes me want to get back into writing and back into a more concentrated effort to work on music. It also reminds me of my theme of the year. This is my theme of the year.

I think about my Grandpa. My grandpa grew up as the child of immigrants from Poland in Canada. He had to leave high school to work and help provide for his family. Yet he possessed an incredible work ethic and attention to quality. He worked his way up through General Motors and build a better future for him and his family. I also think about my dad. He got through Dental School in the 60's and the 70's with a lot of work and has been able to lead a good life and support his family through hard work.

What do I do? I waste lots of time. I fart around on the internet. I play video games. I watch TV. What does this even have to do with anything important? I should be able to work a lot harder than I do.

I'm trying to put this into practice. I'm working full time and attending school full time. I'm trying to pay down my student loans early so that when I graduate, I'm not walking into marriage with a crippling debt. I'm trying to help support my fiancee through a difficult transition.

Even in all this, there's still room to improve. I'm still playing video games. I'm still wasting time. I could be writing. I could be learning. I could be doing better. And I should. I'm standing on the shoulders of my father and grandfather. I should be able to at least follow their example.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I've had a blog that I've tried to use to cover topics relating to Christianity for a while. I've elected to start posting things about Church, God, and other things related to Christianity to that blog. I've also given it a Greek title to make use of that one class in Greek that I took. You can find that blog here.

I will likely continue to post personal reflections and other things I feel like sharing here.