Friday, January 11, 2013

The Dark Side of Irony

Most of what I write is crap. If I were to sit down and write everything that popped into my head, no one would read this. As it is my sporadic updates make for an audience of only the most die hard fans. I read an article about the importance of irony to millenials (the fancy name for people who are currently in their twenties). Irony (if it truly is irony) allows millenial to counter insults and criticism by being aware that what they're doing is not perfect, and making that avoidance the point of any activity.

For example, when I write songs (I know, for a guy who doesn't write much I sure talk about writing a lot) I will often make a piece of music that is intentionally bad. Then when someone listens to my music, I don't have to worry about being criticized because what I wrote is supposed to be terrible. Then even if someone did criticize, I'd be able to make fun of them for not "getting it". It gets a bit tiring though. You are always thinking of how your work and actions will be perceived and then you construct things in a way that deflects criticism. There's not much chance for honesty, and when there is it's usually gilded in sarcasm.

Self awareness comes at a price.

 P.S. For fun, go back through earlier blogs and find points where I try to preempt criticism with irony or self awareness. Examples abound.