Thursday, August 28, 2014

Florida (Part 1....maybe)

I threw a wedding recently. I played more of a minor role in the wedding throwing since I was the groom, but it was my wedding and it was a good time. More on that later. Weddings lead to honeymoons though and that is where I am. I am in the darkened hotel room at the Carribean Beach Resort at Walt Disney World!

This whole place was Amanda's idea. I think Disney is interesting, but not enough to hop on a plane and go there for a week. Amanda LOOOOOOOOVES Disney though. When we booked our tickets, I thought she was going to explode with excitement.

On Monday we travelled here. It was going smoothly. We boarded the first flight on time and we're well on our way. We stopped off at the Montreal airport and sailed through customs (being on a vacation helps). Then we got to the counter where our next flight was supposed to leave from and....we were told it'd been delayed until 12. Okay, no big deal. We'll just chill for a bit. This is nice. Then 11 rolls around and we go to the gate and begin waiting for our plane. I hear murmurs around us. Something is wrong. Amanda goes up to investigate. She comes back with news.

"They are having mechanical difficulties with the plane and they have no information on when it will be ready. There might be a flight at 6:30 but maybe not."

Frustration ensues. I think that maybe I should be more outraged but I know that no one I will talk to is at fault. I calm Amanda down and we make a plan of action. We go to the counter and Amanda asks if we can rebook our return flight for no charge because of the delays with the plane. The lady at the counter says "Yes, of course!" I think she is just happy that we are not yelling at her. With that out of the way, we head for the bar. We have 7 more hours to kill, might as well relax.

When the plane finally arrives, everyone cheers. "Hooray!" we all get on board the plane and enjoy the ride. A side-benefit of our many delays is that the plane is considerably less full than normal. Amanda and I are in the front row of economy (thanks Carl!) It is a great flight.

We arrive in Orlando and I can immediately tell that we are in Florida. The best way I can describe the feeling to Amanda is 90's. It's almost as if all of the interior designers and architects in Florida did all their work in the 90's and then decided that this was the pinnacle of design.

"But there's so much more!" the rest of the world said. "There's minimalism and smooth surface, and we're getting rid of all that carpet."

"No" says Florida "We have arrived. There is nothing better looking than this."

I am thinking all of this as we walk through the airport to our shuttle to the resort, and continue thinking it all the way to the hotel. Everything is really 90's in Florida.

Maybe I'll tell you some more about it later, but for now I'm going to go back to enjoying it.